This form is for anyone attending or wishing to attend one of Michael’s satellite clinics in Kirton in Lindsey, North Lincolnshire. Once your appointment has been allocated you will hear from us ,unless we have any additional queries in the meantime.

Free consultations are available during our launch and will last approximately 20 minutes. For those booking in for an actual procedure, please note that a £50 deposit is required to secure that appointment, which is of course deducted from your final payment. Only those booking in for a procedure are required to pay a deposit.

Unsure if you want a procedure? We always have treatment appointments set aside for those who are unsure, so don’t worry if you’re not ready to commit in advance. If you have indicated below that you will possibly want a procedure, we will do our best to allow time immediately after your consultation but this is not always possible, in which case we will fit you in at another time during the same clinic session or to suit. Rest assured that we do not put anyone under any obligation whatsoever.

Please use the ‘comments’ box below for anything extra you wish to say or ask – we will do our best to accommodate any requests where possible.

There is a link below to Michael’s website where you can find more information about the practitioner himself and the treatments he offers.

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