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Website Design & Hosting

Websites; so many options and things to consider…

Websites offer so many options with regard to functionality and features that it would be impossible to cover them all without possibly boring you or, confusing you!

Honest advice and a competitive service is offered, to suit your requirements and building custom sites on the WordPress platform ensures room is allowed for movement and/or growth, for those perhaps unsure of where their site could take them.  If you don’t need bells and whistles, they won’t be suggested and you won’t pay for them.  Your hopes and wishes will be considered and suggestions then made.  Karen’s experience includes extremely small sites and simple Blogs to large e-commerce stores with visitor interaction or complex service sites with booking systems and live chat functionality.

Most customers require a degree of consistency so that their brand is easily identifiable across all platforms including social media, so of course help is available with this too.

Whatever your needs and however simple or complex, please get in touch.  A very basic ‘starter’ site can be achieved from just £200* – that’s designed, launched and hosted for 12 months!

Hair Salon – Maldon

Private Clinic – Shifnal

Dog Behaviourist – Maldon

Gardening Services – Telford

Domain Registration & Hosting
Every website needs a domain name (that’s the ‘www.’ bit) and also a hosting service (that’s the place where the website is ‘parked’). Domain fees are fairly low cost but hosting fees can vary considerably, with some running into £100s each year.

Some companies charge annually, some monthly and some offer an additional ‘management’ fee to monitor and support the site.

Cast Your Eye’s services can include domain registration (in your name), hosting and management and prices are competitive, given that a complete service is offered.  You do not have to worry about a thing – leave it to us and focus on your business.

Please get in touch now to discuss your website requirements.

* Most basic 5 page site – would suit small business/sole trader etc.